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Re: Bug#315298: ITP: yaird -- Yet Another mkInitRD

>>>>> "Jonas" == Jonas Smedegaard <dr@jones.dk> writes:

    Jonas> YAIRD is a sysfs-based initrd builder.  It determines
    Jonas> which modules to load based on the same algorithms as
    Jonas> hotplug.  Unlike Debian's stock initrd-tools, the kernel
    Jonas> being booted need not support the now-deprecated devfs.  .
    Jonas> This version builds the newer cpio format initrds, even
    Jonas> though the stock Debian configuration uses the older
    Jonas> format.  Thus, having cramfs compiled into the kernel is
    Jonas> not necessary.  YAIRD supports only kernel 2.6.

    Jonas> I am in good dialogue already with upstream about the
    Jonas> Debian packaging.

I was wondering when an ITP would show up for this package...

Maybe I am thinking too much in the future, but I would really like to
see yaird in Debian be able to use klibc in Debian for all the user
tools (I believe there is already an ITP for klibc).
Brian May <bam@debian.org>

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