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Re: Testing package installation, upgrading, and removal

Junichi Uekawa <dancer@netfort.gr.jp> writes:

> Hi,
>> > I think this can not quite do it, since the chroot will need to be a
>> > woody chroot but get at least partially upgraded in each test to allow
>> > installation of the sarge and sid packages. It looks like piuparts is
>> > otherwise close to the tool I need.
>> Create a lvm logical volume of a clean chroot. Make a snapshot of it,
>> mount proc, do the test, kill (and probably report) any residual
>> processes, umopunt proc, kill snapshot.
>> Using lvm is the fastest way to do this. Alternatives are to copy or
>> untar a clean chroot for every test. But that needs more time.
> I've not yet come around to testing it; 
> lvm2 is supposed to be very much improved with read/write snapshots.
> (compared to lvm1 which only had read-only snapshots. Correct me 
> if I'm wrong)
> How is your experience ?
> Is it stable enough?

Works fine for me.


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