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Re: Minutes of Debian Installer IRC meeting of 20050618

On Jun 19, Christian Perrier <bubulle@debian.org> wrote:

> The amount of needed effort depends however whether the sarge installer
> is stuck with the 2.6.8 kernel or not. Strict application of the
> current stable release management rules mandate this, but there's a
> general feeling among the team that using etch kernels for this would
> help a lot.
This may not be so easy, e.g. kernels >= 2.6.12 need a more recent
version of udev than the one in sarge (and currently in sid too).

> It becomes obvious that maintaining the 2.4 compatibility may become
> harder and harder. This is however a key point if we want to keep the
> etch installer able to install sarge.
Why? sarge as is supports 2.6 kernels up to 2.6.11.


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