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Re: Testing package installation, upgrading, and removal


> Frank Lichtenheld and others have brought up the idea of automatically
> testing installation, upgrading, and removal of packages. It struck me
> that it should be pretty simple to implement at least basic versions of
> this. The result: http://liw.iki.fi/liw/download/piuparts-0.4.tar.gz
> I have attached the manual page.
> The current version is quite simplistic. It may well be too simplistic
> to work for more than in simple cases, but it's a start.
> I'd be very curious to hear about suggestions for improvements.

I've looked at it, and it seems to be a program that does similar 
thing to my sample code in pbuilder.

'B91dpkg-i' script provided in pbuilder example should
do what piuparts is doing (with less checks than your code, 
and more overhead).

'B' hooks in pbuilder are hooks that are ran after 
pbuilder builds a package. I am hoping for 
every maintainer to run that hook after building a package
so that they pass the basic tests.


===File examples/B91dpkg-i===
# try to install the resulting debs.

echo "Trying to install resulting packages and test upgrades"
set -ex

PKGNAMES=$(cd /tmp/buildd && ls -1 *.deb | sed 's/_.*$//' )

# install-remove check
dpkg -i /tmp/buildd/*.deb
dpkg --remove $PKGNAMES

# install-purge check
dpkg -i /tmp/buildd/*.deb
dpkg --purge $PKGNAMES

# upgrade-remove check
apt-get install $PKGNAMES || true
dpkg -i /tmp/buildd/*.deb
dpkg --remove $PKGNAMES

# upgrade-purge check
apt-get install $PKGNAMES || true
dpkg -i /tmp/buildd/*.deb
dpkg --purge $PKGNAMES

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