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Re: Upcoming removal of orphaned packages

Rich Walker wrote on 16/06/2005 23:23:
> Sven Mueller <sven@incase.de> writes:
>>Martin Michlmayr wrote on 16/06/2005 19:18:
>>>findimagedupes -- Finds visually similar or duplicate images [#218699]
>>>  * Orphaned 590 days ago
>>>  * Package orphaned > 360 days ago.
>>Though I probably can't adopt it (due to lack of time), it would be a
>>pity to loose this since there is no comparable commandline tool
> fdupes?
> Doesn't do partial matching, but is otherwise excellent.

That's (almost?) the point:
findimagedupes (or the c++-implementation finddupes.cpp) is intended for
the location of duplicate images, with a given fuzziness (not too far
apart in size, very similar content).

There are a lot of tools which find exact duplicates of files, but those
matching images are really rare.


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