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Re: Ada in Debian, past, present and future. Request for Advocate.

Ludovic Brenta <ludovic.brenta@insalien.org> writes:
> In July 2003, I adopted the package gnat and several other Ada
> packages.  In November 2003, Matthias Klose sponsored my first few
> packages into Debian unstable.  After I adopted all the orphaned
> packages I could, I created several new packages from sratch.  Now,
> all my packages have been released as part of sarge.
> I am now looking for an advocate; if you are interested, please visit:

Please don't do something like this - your advocate should have worked
with you and know something about you and your plans. Writing an
advocation mail isn't that time-consuming, Matthias really should be
able to do it himself. Asking random developers to do it abuses the
whole advocation process.

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