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Re: Debian concordance

Michael K. Edwards writes:
> In general, it's not trivial to set up a build environment that
> reliably produces binary packages that are installable on both sarge
> and hoary.  (I happen to have such an environment at work, based on a
> part-careful-part-lucky snapshot of sid, but it's not something I
> would care to support for more than a few packages.)  It would be
> awfully nice if Debian and Ubuntu could coordinate on a 90% solution;
> I don't necessarily expect to be able easily to build python packages
> that will run on both (given Ubuntu's early move to 2.4) but how about
> basic C, C++, and perl ABI compatibility?

Python is basic for Ubuntu. Given the long freeze of sarge, Debian had
to support 2.1 (jython), 2.2 (for zope 2.6) and 2.3 for sarge. I'm
happy we did have a possibility to ship 2.4.1 with sarge. Maybe not
with the best packaging, but it's included in the release. We will
have a better packaging for etch/breezy.

Please stop spreading fud about C++ and perl ABI compatibility. There
is none! Both sarge and hoary did ship with ABI compatible Perl and
C++ ABIs.  Basic ABI/API updates are done at the start of a new
release cycle, there is no difference how that is done in Debian and
Ubuntu.  There is no point comparing the state of development and
unstable versions.


PS: From those people spending time reasoning about releases, I'd like
    to see the same amount of work going into release work itself :-/

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