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Re: Upcoming removal of orphaned packages


Martin Michlmayr schrieb:

> race -- 3D arcade overhead car game [#251706]
>   orphaned 376 days ago, about 3 years old, new upstream releases not
>   uploaded, medium install base, "only a game"

race eats up 640MB of memory, then dies on my system (ppc).

> arpd -- User-space ARP daemon [#191870]
>   * Orphaned 771 days ago
>   * Package orphaned > 360 days ago.

This matches a kernel option that is still present in current 2.6 but
has a description that says it's obsolete.

> if-transition -- A Change in the Weather, an interactive short story [#260720]
>   * Orphaned 327 days ago

I cannot find this one on powerpc.

> moria -- A roguelike game with an infinite dungeon [#274472]
>   * Orphaned 255 days ago

I think that would be a shame. As I don't play it myself, I might not be
the best choice for a maintainer, but I'd offer sponsoring. :-)


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