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Re: Ongoing Firefox (and Thunderbird) Trademark problems

Humberto Massa Guimarães wrote:
> If OTOH we drop their trademarks, our (prospective) users won't even
> notice, because:
> (1) if they install or use a live-cd, they will see the browser icon
> and "Iceweasel Web Browser" caption, and won't notice, and
> (2) if they read about Debian before they install/use a live-cd,
> they will stumble somewhere in the info "Debian uses a rebranded
> version of Firefox called Iceweasel to protect its users (that may
> want to modify and redistribute the software) from any trademark
> liability.

Firefox is probably the most important piece of Linux software that
actually has name recognition out there in the rest of the world, and I
don't think that we can drop it *or* rebrand it.

--Ken Bloom

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