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Re: Question regarding "offensive" material


* Ralf Hildebrandt <Ralf.Hildebrandt@charite.de> [050615 12:51]:
> I'm asking for guidance regarding this bug:
> #313492: xscreensaver/GLSnake has sexually inappropriate imagery 

Interessting... my I report the wishlist bug, that it should be possible
with GLSnake to show a specific - uhm - thing?

> 1) Is it a bug at all?
>    There's no technical problem in the program per se. It's just that
>    this one person may find it contains "sexually inappropriate imagery".

Acutally, I think calling those things "bugs" is a waste of time...
looking at the Fedora-Installation they seemed to had similar problems,
they do the following:

-    { "k's turd",
+    { "caterpillar",
-    { "arse gegl",
+    { "gegl",
-    { "kissy box",
+    { "ribbon",
-    { "erect penis",     /* thanks benno */
+    { "shuffle board",     /* thanks benno */
-    { "flaccid penis",
+    { "anchor",
-    { "vagina",
+    { "engagement ring",
-    { "Penis",
+    { "Shuttle",

That leaves just two questions:

- What is a "gegl"?  I couldn't find it in any dictionary.
- Perhaps we should ask the Debian Women projekt, if it would be okay,
  if we replace "vagina" with "engagement ring" ;)
  (Oh, I shouldn't have made this joke, should I?)

Well, perhaps it would be easier, if glsnake would just be called with
the parameter "--without-title", leaving everything to the fantasy of
the viewer (BTW:  I really think, that the prayer looks quite similar to
the normal penis), but we would then risk getting bug reports of people
who thing that the flamingo is a double headed dildo...

Well, I think I mail the fedora patch to the bts, they seem to patch a
bit more, e.g. removing "bad words" from the barcode screensaver.  So we
just risk to get bug reports by people, who get offended by religous
material: glsnake randomly shows a crucifix!

Yours sincerely,


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