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Re: Question regarding "offensive" material

This one time, at band camp, Ralf Hildebrandt said:
> I'm asking for guidance regarding this bug:
> #313492: xscreensaver/GLSnake has sexually inappropriate imagery 
> This reminds me all to well of the "hot-babe" controversity, with the
> difference that xscreensaver has been in Debian for ages a nobody ever
> complained about that "offensive" material.
> My questions:
> =============
> 1) Is it a bug at all?
>    There's no technical problem in the program per se. It's just that
>    this one person may find it contains "sexually inappropriate imagery".

It is a software implementation of a cartoon representation of a toy
being made in shapes vaguely reminiscent of huan body parts.  I hardly
see this as a bug.  If you are interested in catering to people who are
offended by random things, then you could work on it if you like.  I
would not be inclined to, personally.  I think there will always be
people offended by something, and that is just not my problem, and not
Debian's problem.

> 2) Which "Severity" is fitting (if it is considered a bug)

wishlist at best, IMHO.  Since it is not a bug in any technical aspect,
it most closely maps to 'feature request' in my mind.  But I generally
hate severity wars, so deciding the course of action for the bug (e.g.,
wontfix/close vs. working on it) is more important to me than the
severity, really.

> 3) Is there any section in the Debian Policy that addresses these
>    social/psycholgical issues? I had a look, but could only find
>    issues related to freedom and licenses.

Not a one, and this is why I feel it is not Debian's problem.  

Maybe I'm just old fashioned, but I really feel like it is not out job to
police what people are able to see and do with the software in Debian.
That is up to the people who administer machines with Debian installed.
I admin a gateway/proxy server at a school, and it has very restrictive
web filtering, because the school people feel that is appropriate
for their setting.  There are also no screen savers installed on that
machine :)

But I don't want you to make that decision for me.  Maybe on my home
machine I want to see a cartoon toy vagina, maybe I don't.
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