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Re: Ongoing Firefox (and Thunderbird) Trademark problems

Le mercredi 15 juin 2005 à 02:10 -0400, Eric Dorland a écrit :
> > In the firefox case, people say "You have all the rights of the 
> > license;
> > and as long as it's in Debian or it's not modified, you may call it
> > firefox".
> Exactly. How is that permissible under DFSG #8.

The logic behind the point 8 of the DFSG is that the "Debian specific
part of the license" should not transform a non-DFSG-free program into a
DFSG-free program. Because a DFSG-free program for Debian only makes no

Consider Firefox without the trademark license, it's DFSG-free.
You add a trademark license forbiding to call the program "firefox" if a
change was made, it's still DFSG-free (according to point #4 of DFSG). 

So Firefox is and has always been free for Debian !

Now you extend that trademark license to say that Debian can make
modifications and still call it firefox. That's not worse than before
because any people taking firefox from Debian would still have a program
complying with DFSG... i.e. they have all the freedoms that Debian
guarantees to offer to its users.

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