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Re: Ongoing Firefox (and Thunderbird) Trademark problems

> Let's say we call it mozilla-firefox (assuming we are allowed to
> in the first place) and downstream (making some modifications) is
> not allowed to call it mozilla-firefox. If we call it
> debian-firefox then downstream is still not allowed (under the
> same conditions) to call it mozilla-firefox. The difference is not

You seem to be wrong about the Mozilla Foundation's trademark
policy. They say no one (ok, they excepted Debian especially, but
*I*, personally, do not think this flies because of DFSG#8) can use
the words Mozilla or Firefox (or Thunderbird etc) in their browser. 
So, if we rename the browser, we must call it (for instance)
IceWeasel, and yes, any person downstream from us can call it
anything but Firefox or Mozilla or Mozilla Firefox.

> that huge to me. (but naming the package just firefox seems to me
> like a good idea in the first place)

I think it's named mozilla-firefox nowadays because of the firebird
snafu (it had to be named mozilla-firebird to differentiate it from
the firebird database manager).


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