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Re: Ongoing Firefox (and Thunderbird) Trademark problems

** Marco ::

> > The MPL has much worse than the choice of venue: the "keep the source
> > online" clause, which we (and most other distributors) are violating.
> I do not believe that this makes it non-free, but I encourage the
> ftpmasters to investigate if our infrastructure can support such a
> license.

How would something that makes the licensee spend US$ 50/year (at least) to make a derivative work be free? Even Free as Speech? To be DFSG-free, a software must be distributed in such a way that the licensee can use, distribute, modify, and distribute modified with _no_ _strings_ _attached_.

Minimum wage is US$ 100/month down here, you know? This is *not* a reasonable burnden on the licensee...


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