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Re: TODO for etch ?

On Saturday 11 June 2005 00:56, Adam Majer wrote:
> Nikita V. Youshchenko wrote:
> >Since I can't find such a list, I'll try to write (a beginning of) one.
> >
> >- Complete transition to g++ 3.4/4.0 ABI
> >- Resolve FDL issue
> >- Get Xorg and KDE 3.4 into the archive. [as time passes, the version
> > number may change]
> >- (?) multiarch
> I'm not sure about multiarch, but the following will most likely happen,
>     * Amd64 port officially added,
>     * The "scc" archive split to lighten load on mirrors for stuff that
> only needs one or two mirrors anyway,

Then you can have it other way (instead of having scc arches, have scc 
mirrors). If there is enough man & buildd power & users (remember that human 
help and hardware donations have being proposed many times) for an arch 
currently supported then you can have second class mirrors (partial ones) and 
first class ones carrying all arches. In fact I think that it is not a rare 
situation where the primary country mirror really doesn't carry all arches, 
but there are other mirrors which track them all. Here is an example with the 
primary / but partial / ftp.bg.debian.org (debian-cd just x86) [1] and 
ftp.uni-sofia.bg (a secondary one tracking all arches, including full 
debian-cd, debian-amd64, debian-volatile, and this is not just for fun and 
completeness). There is also at least one secondary one. So I'm afraid that 
your decision based on currently primary mirrors not tracking all arches for 
various reasons could be broken source for generalizations. I'm also sure 
that this is not a single example that could be given. If the Debian Project 
decides to cut some arches, then you wont wait a lot to see various external 
and unofficial archives like: 


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