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Re: freetype package

On Thursday 09 June 2005 21:42, Will Newton wrote:
> This package hasn't had a maintainer upload in 12 months. It is
> currently at version 2.1.7 whilst upstream is in the process of
> releasing 2.1.10. These new releases include some quite critical
> bugfixes and visual improvements.
> Is this package being actively maintained? I volunteer to help out
> with packaging, but I think freetype requires at least one maintainer
> who is familiar with CJK fonts (i.e. not me).

Well, I am familiar with CJK fonts, but not with freetype. So I don't 
know if I can be of any help. And I'm not an official DD.
Further more I'm also quite busy with my own packages 
(ttf-arphic-{uming|ukai}), which btw. are CJK fonts. :)

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