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Re: Planet Debian and Akregator

* Marc Haber [Thu, 09 Jun 2005 07:13:45 +0200]:
> Hi,

  Hi, (cc'ing Mako, the current Planet Debian maintainer)

> as we all know, Planet Debian generates RSS feeds that Akregator
> doesn't grok, and both packages point at the other one for being at
> fault.

> Does Debian have something like an "xmltidy" program which can convert
> the Planet Debian RSS feeds into something that Akregator can actually
> read?

  on IRC today, liw discussed this a bit with Keybuk (former Planet
  Debian maintainer), and this could be read there:

    17:32 <Keybuk> if you want the & escaped, you do <TMPL_VAR title ESCAPE="HTML">
                   rather than <TMPL_VAR title>
    17:33 <Keybuk> the example rss templates don't escape it, iirc; but
                   the example atom template does

  Mako, this is a problem that regularly affects all akregator users,
  could we use the above fix, perhaps after investigating a bit if it
  would have unwanted side effects?


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