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Re: And now for something completely different... etch!

Lars Wirzenius wrote:
> Marco d'Itri kirjoitti:
> > Jesus Climent wrote:
> > > I do _not_ want a web server right after apt-get installing it, since
> > > everybody has to move the default page and create their own content.
> >
> > _I_ do.
> > If I install a daemon, it's because I want it to use it (weird, isn't
> > it?).

I also want the daemon running if I have installed it.  I believe this
is one of the great distinguishing features for Debian.  If you
install something then it just works.  (To the extent possible.)

Even for a web server where you will want to modify the default page,
it tells the person installing it immediately that everything is
working as desired.  This is really a nice feature and should not be
lost nor taken as a mis-feature.

> Installing packages in chroots, for example for
> installation/upgrade/removal testing, is a further reason to not
> start daemons automatically.

As mentioned by another this is exactly what policy-rc.d is designed
to handle.  Having worked with other distros using their native
methods I can tell you that Debian is well in the lead with a
significantly better design here.

> On the other hand, Marco's position is also
> sensible. This suggests that a scheme where the sysadmin can choose for
> themselves is in order. A low-priority debconf question, perhaps.

I would not want to see a debconf question for this, even at low
priority and defaulted to yes.  They are an annoyance when installing
and better handled differently.  Using policy-rc.d is the superior


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