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Debian Init System

Le Tue, 07 Jun 2005 18:09:01 -0500, John Hasler a écrit :

> Roberto C. Sanchez writes:
>> Where, pray tell, is a newbie going to learn about [runlevels]?
> a) By having used Red Hat.
> b) By reading up on Linux before trying to use it (yes, some people _do_
>    that).

Those that i read back when i started talked about /etc/rc.d and such long
 gone things ...

also you may be interested in http://people.debian.org/~hmh/debconf2/

I wonder what you are talking about : improving debian or declaring what
your teacher told as a standard ? My first unix teacher was fond of redhat
and told us that those runlevels (5 for X etc) where the linux standard.
Back then redhat was far less important in linux than now ... 

I have only one thing to say , try a slackware and compare the boot time
to debian , then to redhat (without hotplug it kills the fun ) ...
or try file-rc in debian .  

By the way this looks to me a moot (cosmetic ?) issue . Moving xdm
init to runlevel 5 can be done in a minute just before etch
Let's talk about hard work :) Status, logging , sanitizing the start
numbers (why most package use 20 just out of luck ... this is insane )

And maybe opening new thread for each topic would help ! this thread is
going nowhere mixing bts versioning, init policy , etc :(
Development in debian init have stalled , though i don't know why (bugs
fixing, real life ?) ... but there were great talks which should be taken
in account before proceeding.

By the way ther are already dependency based init in debian ... 


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