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Re: Is Ubuntu a debian derivative or is it a fork?

Hi Petter,

thank you very much for that mail.

Am Samstag, den 04.06.2005, 21:01 +0200 schrieb Petter Reinholdtsen:
> And more specificly, we are discussing how to make sure (new/not in
> debian) packages in Ubuntu also make it into Debian.  I suspect we are
> under the assumtion that packages are placed in Ubuntu because they
> are useful, and thus would be useful in Debian as well.

Every package in Debian makes its way into Ubuntu - only if it should
collide with other ones, can't be build at all or isn't sensible at all,
it is removed. Those are very rare corner cases.

> There is also the issue on how to handle lack of communication and
> lack of interest on one side or the other of working together with the
> other side, but I guess we could ignore that for now.

Of course. I just tried to adress the "technical" issues first, because
they can more easily be pushed into specifications and give a framework,
which makes it easier to act.

>    I believe it would be best if Canonical encouraged the people
>    maintaining packages in Ubuntu to also submit an RFP/ITP into
>    Debian as well, and also encourage people to try to find a DD
>    sponsor to upload the packages both into Debian and into Ubuntu.

I will take this into the next MOTU Meeting [1], where the issues, ideas
and plans of the MOTUs (community maintainers) are discussed.
	[1] http://wiki.ubuntu.com/MOTUMeeting

>    Not sure how to best handle this.  If Ubuntu accept the Debian
>    packages as "upstream", all relevant patches should be submitted
>    into Debian BTS, and followed up there to reduce the diff between
>    the packages in Debian and Ubuntu.  This might be a bit work
>    intense (it is/was for debian-edu at least), so it might not be the
>    best way to spend the limited time available.

This needs to be adressed in a broader forum. Everbody will have an
opinion on solutions like mass-bts-ing, mass-mailing or rss feeds. 

>  - Group maintenance
> ...
>    I'm not sure how we can improve
>    this, as the priorities of the two efforts might be different, and
>    the deadlines not aligned either.

I will adress this in the next MOTU meeting as well. If there's a new
team evolving (we're just 20 people yet), we will make sure this is on
debian-devel@ as well so we can get things going closely together.

> I would be willing to co-maintain my packages with the maintainer in
> Ubuntu, and hope more people in Debian would consider this as well.  I
> also check out interesting Ubuntu packages at random times, and try to
> get them included into Debian as well.  But it would be better if this
> wasn't left to random people looking at random packages, but instead
> was more organized and consistent.

Thanks for your confidence, this give me hope. As I pointed out: the
developer base is still quite small and there are (apart from some
examples) no "fixed maintainers" for packages, although everybody
respects the area of expertise of another one.

If we can make up processes and discuss specifics, we'll get there,

Have a nice day,

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