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Re: Debian as "Google summer of code" mentor?

El Viernes 03 Junio 2005 01:57, Adam Heath escribió:
> On Thu, 2 Jun 2005, Matthijs Kooijman wrote:
> > Hey,
> >
> > as you've probably heard, Google has a "summer of code" initiative to
> > stimulate open source coding. They are looking for mentors to support the
> > coders. Shouldn't Debian be on that list?
> >
> > Matthijs
> http://groups-beta.google.com/group/summer-discuss/browse_thread/thread/279
> Basically a screw you kind of reply.

If some Debian developer wants to get sponsorized for his project, I think it 
would be more productive to write the list of requeriments and contact 
Branden Robinson and Google, instead of complaining.



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