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Re: dhcp-client package in sarge

On Fri, Jun 03, 2005 at 08:56:07AM +0200, Nicolas Kreft wrote:
> Hi List!
> Is it for a special reason that the default dhcp-client
> in sarge is ancient (version 2.0pl5)?
> This client does not follow the RFC correctly. When
> it does a dhcpdiscover and the interface has been
> previously configured with some ip address it is still
> using that ip for the dhcpdiscover. This causes the
> dhcp server (3.0.2) on my network to abandon that ip address.
> The 3.x series has been released nearly 4 years ago,
> why not make it the default?

I had the same problem with dhclient.  I was mounting root over NFS
and then using DHCP to fill out resolv.conf.  The 'problem' was that
the deconfiguring of the interface was happening in a script before
dhclient did it's magic.  I built pump to solve the problem.

IIRC, the issue isn't fixed in newer versions of dhclient, but others
may know for sure.


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