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Re: Is Ubuntu a debian derivative or is it a fork?

> Sorry, Pierre, for hijacking your post into this direction, this
> rather affects all the projects involved, not only KDE-QT.

you have not to be sorry. it's only that every time someone says ubuntu 
does not collaborate "enough" there is someboty to shout : 
http://people.ubuntu.com/~scott/patches/. I used example from my 
experience (and also QT-KDE), but I didn't want my mail be only about 
KDE/QT packaging.

I only wanted to say that this url isn't usable at all as soon as the 
packages are big, which OTOH are often the package that would benefit 
the most of any form of cooperation.

If you want my personnal opinion wrt debian<->ubuntu :
 * there are some DD with pride that won't go themselves to Ubuntu ones
   because .. you know ubuntu crew "is just a bunch of nasty forkers" or
   just because they think that since unbuntu inherits so much work from
   debian, it's up to the ubuntu crew to take the first step (and maybe
   those are not completely wrong )

 * OTOH, some ubuntu developper are not very talkative, and as DDs we
   never hear from their work, and when you go talk to them, the answer
   is "if I do sth important for your debs, you'll know it" and then,
   it's the total radio silence. And I won't talk about those that
   believe that because the DD that maintain the debs in Debian needs 3
   days to answer a mail he is MIA ...
   (ok, that paragraph is exaggerated, but I guess you see the idea

The point is, to me, it feels like both "worlds" are waiting for the 
other to make the things be smooth.

I really believe in full cooperation too. Not that long ago, the KDE 
team had nearly less DD's than non-DD in it (part of the team was in NM 
queue). I don't see why Ubuntu people would'nt be part of the debian 
teams, help to the packaging and BTS BSP, and maintain their ubuntu 
diffs in the same structure (alioth svn/arch/cvs repo) talking with the 
same tools (alioth maillist), ...

The thing is, I just read on kubuntu.org that they already have 3.4.1 
packages ready and uploaded, that they are preparing the gcc-4.0 
transition, ... nice... I never saw anything like this on our lists, 
and we will have to go through the same road... but this has not been 
discussed ... I'm even not sure the migration will be 


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