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Re: Is Ubuntu a debian derivative or is it a fork?

* John Goerzen 

| I think it is high time we revisit the traditional Debian maintainer
| model.  We have been aware of its weaknesses for years, and are most
| biting in the areas of nonresponsive maintainers.  I think we should
| devote some thought to declaring a permanent bug-squashing party and
| relaxing the rules for NMUs (for instance, let them happen for any
| documented bug of any severity so long as they are uploaded to the 5-day
| delayed queue and patches are posted to the BTS at the time of the
| upload).  One small step down that road, anyway.

If so, I want to implement a way for maintainers to be able to block
particular NMUs if they think it's the wrong fix for a bug or
something similar.

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