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Re: NFS in unstable not working, a bug?

> Please check /etc/default/portmap; I had a nasty surprise there once
> when someone dropped OPTIONS="-i localhost" there, which binds it to
> lo or to or otherwise makes it refuse connections from
> elsewhere, preventing all remote connections. By and large various
> defaults that break my setup show up in /etc/default/, which I suppose
> saves me the trouble of looking in still odder places, but still, ugh.
> -- wli


Firstly, Thanks William for your fast answer. And thanks for solving my
problem!!! Actually in my installation there was no portmap file in /etc/default
 directory, so I thought I'd run dpkg-reconfigure portmap if there's something
wrong with my installation of portmap. Well, dpkg-reconfigure asks if the
portmapper should be bound to localhost and I had this setting as 'yes' (so the
same thing but not in /etc/default). Anyhow, I changed that, and now it's just

Thanks alot!


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