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Re: NFS in unstable not working, a bug?

On Wed, Jun 01, 2005 at 01:55:45PM +0300, jpahka@welho.com wrote:
> I upgraded my home server machine and at the same time moved from
> debian testing to unstable. Now, I've basicly got everything else
> working except for nfs. With the old machine and testing distribution
> everything was working fine. So, I'm wondering if there are broken
> packages in unstable or is it my setup that's broken.
> my setup is following: client connecting to the debian/unstable
> server is ubuntu hoary machine. ip-number of the client is
> and that of the server is
> In the server:
> /etc/hosts.deny is empty
> /etc/hosts.allow has a line:
>   ALL:
> server:# showmount -e=20
> /home/shared
> server:# rpcinfo -p localhost

Please check /etc/default/portmap; I had a nasty surprise there once
when someone dropped OPTIONS="-i localhost" there, which binds it to
lo or to or otherwise makes it refuse connections from
elsewhere, preventing all remote connections. By and large various
defaults that break my setup show up in /etc/default/, which I suppose
saves me the trouble of looking in still odder places, but still, ugh.

-- wli

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