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Re: Linda warnings

* Eric Dorland 

[Substituting your fixed sentence in the text below]

| I think a build-dependency on automake and autoconf is almost always
| a bad idea. It makes the build more unpredictable, which is
| generally a bad thing. You should just run automake and/or autoconf
| on the unpacked source and ship it in the .diff.gz. An extra 2K
| won't hurt.

You can argue this for a lot of files.  An example is texinfo files
which get their headers updated with information in the language of
the build locale.  Or why should docs be built as part of the build
process at all?  Or X fonts?

Because we want to test for buildability.  We want to make it possible
to change any part of the program and barring real errors, it should
still build.  That upstream writes crap configure.in/.ac and
Makefile.ams is not an excuse, it's just a bug which should be fixed.

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