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Re: OpenCV not in testing

Hi again,

> merkel% madison  opencv
>     opencv |   0.9.5-10 |       testing | source
>     opencv |    0.9.6-1 |      unstable | source
> So opencv and libdc1394 _are_ in testing, just not the latest version.

Right. Sorry for the incomplete message. I was asking for this update in
testing to 0.9.6 because mainstream version 0.9.6 is dated of 2004-08-18
and mainstream version 0.9.5 is dated of 2003-03-05.

So, it would be great to have it upgraded. But, as I wrote in my last
email, for me it's OK if this update in testing is done after the
release of the next stable GNU/Debian version.

Good day.

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