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Re: OpenCV not in testing

Hi Steinar,

> > as sarge is in freeze and the new stable version is coming soon, I will
> > be very happy to have opencv packages in testing now. It seems it is
> > blocked by libdc1394. Looking at libdc1394 don't show me the reason why
> > this is blocked.
> libdc1394 is blocked since we are in freeze. (That's the whole idea of a
> freeze; nothing new goes into testing unless it's hand-approven :-) )

Thanks for this info.

> > Could you look at it and help these package to go into sarge ?
> You might want to contact debian-release@lists.debian.org if you want to get
> an exception for libdc1394 and opencv, but unless you have a good reason,
> it's probably not going in.

OK, I understand. I will wait until the new release is done. My main
problem is not opencv will not be updated in stable release, but opencv
is in unstable since a long time, and I will be happy to have it in

Good day.

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