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Re: Orphaning cantus3 [was: Re: Upcoming removals]

* Igor Stroh <igor@rulim.de> [2005-05-20 01:18]:
> >Has there been any agreement about what to do with cantus and cantus3?
> >Since you're the maintainer of cantus3 and you suggest it's removal,
> >can you go ahead and file a bug report on ftp.d.o?
> I don't like the idea of removing cantus3 right away, maybe there's 
> someone who's actually using it and is willing to take over its' 
> maintenance.

Maybe it should be removed from sarge but stay in unstable for now?

> > Should cantus be removed too?
> Yes, imho it's outdated. I'll file a bug report against ftp.d.o.

No, reassign the existing WNPP bug to ftp.d.o.
Martin Michlmayr

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