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Re: RFC on mysql 4.1 in sarge

On Wed, May 18, 2005 at 11:23:35AM -0400, sean finney wrote:
> the following upgrade paths work:
> mysql-server/woody -> mysql-server/sarge
> mysql-server/woody -> mysql-server/sarge -> mysql-server-4.1/sarge
> but this does not:
> mysql-server/woody -> mysql-server-4.1/sarge
> so at this point, we're not sure what to do to cover this last problem,
> as we have no guarantee the preinst of mysql-server-4.1 will even run
> before mysql-server/woody is removed.  the only fix we can think of is
> to remove the two directories from the files.list of the woody package.
> so we've come up with three options, none of which are great:
> 1 the most recenty woody security update caused problems for some
>   people, and there's a package already waiting to go in to fix this
>   problem.  we could put a fix into the woody mysql-server package into
>   this package before the security team handles it.
> 2 if there's going to be a final woody point release, we could put a 
>   fixed version in there

You must not assume that users have the latest security fixes or the 
latest point releases installed.

> 3 give up on trying to fix it, assume that symlinks might get lost, and
>   put something in a README file telling users what they have to do
>   in order to fix up their database after restoring the symlinks.
> i don't see 1 happening, i don't know if the prerequisite (woody release
> update) for 2 is going to happen, and 3 doesn't make me all too happy
> as a "solution".
> so, questions, comments, suggestions all welcome,

4 drop mysql-dfsg-4.1 from unstable/sarge

Other issues like #308762 are also still possible on direct
mysql-server/woody -> mysql-server-4.1/sarge upgrade paths - and
there will be users doing such upgrade paths.

The whole mysql-dfsg/mysql-dfsg-4.1 setup is really ugly in some corner 

Is shipping MySQL 4.1 with sarge really worth all the troubles, 
especially considering that MySQL 4.0 is quite usable? Also consider 
that some weeks from now MySQL 4.1 will also soon be no longer current 
when MySQL 5.0 will be released.

> 	sean



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