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Is SZALAY Attila <sasa@debian.org> MIA?

His last upload was over three months ago (Feb 10th, 2005) and does
not respond to his emails. I've tried contacting him via his debian
email address with no success (first message sent April 13th, CC'd
co-maintainer <mag@debian.org> who responded; sent a reminder message
May 11th, and now it has been over a week since I sent that, with no

Looking at the BTS, it doesn't seem as if he is responding to bug
reports, there are many old bugs that have patches which fix the bugs
and there were a number of wishlist bugs for upgrading to various
versions as new versions came and went. Although there is nothing
wrong with only maintaining 3 packages, none of them are maintained by
himself (all are co-maintained) and zorp has a FTBFS that has a patch
to fix and I'm wondering if it ever will be

I've been cleaning up the BTS for syslog-ng there were multiple bugs
for an upgrade to a new version, I've merged all those together. One I
closed because the bug was requesting the version that was uploaded in
January. I did an NMU to fix a security bug which resolved 3 different
long-standing bugs reporting the same issue, the oldest being 168 days

I would like to take the syslog-ng package and give it the attention
that it deserves, but I did not wish to be rude. I have tried to
contact the maintainer to offer my help for over a month with a
reminder ping email, so I am now sending this message here as the MIA
procedure suggests. At what point would it be appropriate to begin
to actively maintain syslog-ng?


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