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distributed batch processing

Hi all,

I am looking at ways to distribute batch jobs on various hosts.
Essentially, i have N different command lines, and M different
hosts to run them on:

        foo -i file1.data -p 0.1
        foo -i file2.data -p 0.1
        foo -i file3.data -p 0.1
        foo -i file1.data -p 0.2

I had a try with 'queue' [1], but it seems rather obsolete now.
I am now seeking recent alternatives. I went across a few
solutions, such as DQS [2] (non-free, unmaintained), OpenPBS [3]
(non-free), and distribulator [4] (looks interesting).

Now i feel like i have missed something obvious. Is there a tool
out there that i could use as a drop in replacement for queue?

cheers, paul 

[1] http://sourceforge.net/projects/queue/
[1] http://packages.debian.org/stable/admin/dqs
[2] http://www.openpbs.org/
[3] http://distribulator.sourceforge.net/

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