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Re: successful sparc buildd log, but no upload after 11 days

René van Bevern wrote:
> One of my packages (ncmpc) is kept out of testing because of a missing
> build for sparc (it is unblocked). Looking at the buildd log for sparc
> [1], the package seems to have built successfully on April 25th 2005.
> Unfortunately, there has been no upload until now. I have contacted
> sparc@buildd.debian.org but have still no reply. Is there anything
> else I could do?

Well be assured you're not alone; several packages being tracked by the
release team are blocked due to missing sparc uploads.

However, I don't know what to do about it, except hope the buildd
maintainers check their email eventually, and wish there was a place in
the BTS for these things..

see shy jo

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