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Re: debian sarge is 3.2 or 4 ?

Marc Haber wrote:
> The actual decisions are made in the background without even trying to
> talk to the body of developers. For example, the exim 4 maintainers
> were not even contacted by whoever made the decision to move the
> "default MTA" property from exim to exim4. We just found our package
> to be at "important" priority some day.

Start of thread on this mailing list, "default MTA for sarge" (also the
first hit on google for that):

Message-ID: <20030713083151.GA12971@dragon.kitenet.net>

Your participation on that same thread:


Massage in thread prior to that, CCed to exim4@packages.debian.org:

Message-ID: <20030712042550.GB10635@dragon.kitenet.net>

see shy jo

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