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debian sarge is 3.2 or 4 ?

hi everybody

now that sarge is frozen, I would like to start a discussion
on the number to associate to Sarge release.

According to
Sarge may be released as "Debian 3.1"

In 2003, Scott James Remnant proposed in
that Sarge should be "Debian 4"; some (most?) people did agree.

But some other people refer to sarge as "Debian 3.1"  (or 3.2)

Considering that woody was released 19 Jul 2002, it took us
~3 years to release; in the meantime, all most important
components changed completely; and we did a lot of work
in Sarge, that I do not want to see numerically
represented as
    sarge = woody + 0.1

So I would much prefer if sarge would be called "Debian 4"

Do you agree?


(ps: I apologize if this has been discussed recently...
 I googled around, but did not find any recent reference)

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