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Re: www.debian.org and users information

Kevin Mark wrote:

>Hi DD folks,
>Sarge is now approaching zero kelvin and folks are scrambing to get the
>last few bugs squashed. I was recently thinking about why the non-clued
>folks bash Debian with incomplete or inaccurate facts and a way to
>address that. I think there should be a section on the main page that
>contains links to cluefull faq to clear the FUD and to shed light on
That would imply we actually care about the FUD. Having an in-your-face
FAQ about all these points would be OK, but people spreading the FUD
would not care regardless.

There is a group of people that will not read any manual, but think they
still know everything regardless. They will look at
stable/testing/unstable and proclaim from the bottom of their orifices
that they know what these stand for. They will ignore the Debian
Reference at
http://www.debian.org/doc/manuals/reference/reference.en.html even
though it is two clicks away from the main page (click on Docs then the
Debian Reference).

So the bottom line is people that listen/spreading FUD will probably not
be addressed by this FAQ because they are not interested in reading
documentation in the first place.

- Adam

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