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www.debian.org and users information

Hi DD folks,
Sarge is now approaching zero kelvin and folks are scrambing to get the
last few bugs squashed. I was recently thinking about why the non-clued
folks bash Debian with incomplete or inaccurate facts and a way to
address that. I think there should be a section on the main page that
contains links to cluefull faq to clear the FUD and to shed light on
these issues. Here is a short list of some things that I would include
on the front page:
* what's the difference between stable, testing and unstable and who
  should use them
* Why was past releases took so long and how these issues are being addressed
* the plan for the next Debian release: etch
* What are the FAQs about Xorg in debian
* a guide to the new debian installer
* the faqs about CDD (custom debian distributions)
* Important Debian news: 
	Sarge is frozen -- what it means to new and
current users
	Upgrade notes for woody users 
* a guide to sidegrading rpm based distro to Debian
* What is Ubuntu and how does it relate to Debian
* What is Knoppix and how does it relate to Debian
* What is Mephis and how does it relate to Debian
* the future of documentation that is under the GFDL in Debian
* the future of binary firmware in Debian
* Ways to install Debian

My reasoning is that while some of there are addressed somewhere on the
website, people tend to be lazy. We should put this info front and
center so a quick look will immediately lead them to good informed
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