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Re: debian sarge is 3.2 or 4 ?

Andrea Mennucc wrote:
> > see shy jo, who argued for 4.0 at the appropriate time to discuss the
> >            version number to use
> That is puzzling me. In 2003, in the thread starting at
> http://lists.debian.org/debian-devel/2003/01/msg00337.html
> most people were agreeing with calling sarge "4.0".
> I inderstand from your signature that you were for "4.0" as well
> (altough I do not find your support in above thread).

IIRC it was an earlier thread; afaik the release managers decided on
3.1. The thread you referenced was semi-pointless since it had, again,
already been decided by that point.

see shy jo

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