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Re: debian sarge is 3.2 or 4 ?

>>>>> "Bartosz" == Bartosz Fenski aka fEnIo <fenio@debian.org> writes:

> I would prefer to be maintainer of the well known distribution which
> *doesn't* bump versions only for the fun of it.

Exactly. This time I think it would have been justified. Consider

* A new installer
* Linux Kernel 2.6
* Gnome 2.8
* KDE 3.3
* glibc 2.3.2
* Several new architectures

4.0 would be justified.

> I know that for most people numbers have some magic meaning, but please can
> we try to provide stable OS by its quality and not version number?

> Calling sarge 4.0 won't make it better.

It won't, but it would (rightly) indicate that it's a major upgrade from 3.1.


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