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Re: debian sarge is 3.2 or 4 ?

On Thursday 05 May 2005 01:17, Andrea Mennucc wrote:
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> Considering that woody was released 19 Jul 2002, it took us
> ~3 years to release; in the meantime, all most important
> components changed completely; and we did a lot of work
> in Sarge, that I do not want to see numerically
> represented as
>     sarge = woody + 0.1
> So I would much prefer if sarge would be called "Debian 4"
> Do you agree?

Well, it doesn't really matter to me personally, but am I correct that 
the changes from Woody to Sarge have been at least as big as they were 
from Potato to Woody (where the version number was bumped from 2.2 -> 
3.0)? If yes, and with that in mind, it could probably be justified 
that Sarge ships as 4.0, I guess.
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