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Orphaning recover and makeztxt


I have just orphaned two of my packages, I hope somebody among you
wants to pick them up. They are recover (#307558) and makeztxt

Recover lets you recover (duh) deleted files in ext2 filesystems. Note
that it is in ext2 and _not_ in ext3 - I once talked with some people
about removing it, but I was persuaded to keep it, as there are many
ext2 users still in some platforms that don't run kernel 2.4/2.6 - I
don't know if now that we are moving to Sarge they will still be
counted in... Possibly it'd be time to remove recover. 

About makeztxt, it is a nice program to convert text files into ztxt
files, apt for reading in a Palm with the (GPLed) Weasel reader. It
has a simple regex engine used to create the TOCs, and works just
fine. The problem is, I no longer own a Palm, so I cannot do much with

Both packages move very slowly (IIRC, two years since their last

The bugs against WNPP have been filed. Do you want to pick them up? Do
you want recover out of Sarge? Speak up!


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