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OT: Re: economic disadvantage of closed-source business model

On Mon, May 02, 2005 at 07:55:23PM -0700, Mashilamani Sambasivam wrote:

> Hello,
>   I just want to get the opinion/comments of 
> developers on some 10 slides I made, if you have time:
> 'Brief Analysis and Generalisation of Closed-Source
> Software Business Model to All Maximum-Profit Based
> Businesses '
> the url:
> http://logo3dforkids.sphosting.com/slide1.html

This contains some random and often questionable opinions regarding 
market economy. That the source you quote is 145 years old (sic) only 
shows that that is misses that many years of both econimic research and 
economic experience...

There are many things you could validly critizise regarding today's 
market economy - but this requires a real understanding of today's 
ecomnomy instead of trying to adapt some 19th century opinions to 
today's economy (that the profit of a corporation would "accumulate ... 
in the hands of few CEOs and top management" is just an example that you 
don't even seem to understand where the profits are going to).

Regarding the closed-source business model:
What you propose (price should reflect only the production costs) works 
perfectly with a closed-source business model.

> hope this is appropriate for this email group.

Nope, it's not appropriate.

> Thanks much,
> Masi



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