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Re: libsasl2 and libmysql* updates for sarge

On Sat, 30 Apr 2005, Steve Langasek wrote:
> particular make upgrades painful, and shlibdeps have no bearing on plugins.

Ok, no conflicts, no shlibdep bump.

> > The truth is libnss-mysql (and any other libnss-* of the sort) should
> > conflict with any libmysqlclient (or any other lib of the sort) it is not
> > linked to.  This is utter braindamage that can only be really fixed by
> > enforcing a versioned-symbols-or-die rule.
> It's braindamage that we've lived with for a while, without major incident;

And that we will kill in etch, one way or the other (and I'd rather we kill
it using versioned symbols).  This is something post-sarge, obviously.

> > > Incidentally, I think cyrus-sasl3-mit's build-dep on libmysqlclient10-dev is
> > > spurious and should be dropped.
> > Please file a bug, I am not the maintainer for cyrus-sasl2-mit...
> Oh, but you offered to take care of it, I thought :)

Only for cyrus-sasl2.  Sam Hartman is NOT semi-MIA AFAIK, so there is no
reason for me to go messing with his packages...

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