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suggested buildd service [Was: Re: Compiling on a Debian machine]


Shaun Jackman <sjackman@gmail.com> writes:

> Hello,
> How do I use a Debian machine, such as bruckner, to test a source
> package by compiling for powerpc? I see bruckner has a sarge chroot.
> What's the magic command to start the build in this chroot? I know of
> pbuilder -- though I haven't used it much admittedly -- but there is
> no pbuilder command in the path.
> Thanks,
> Shaun

I've had an idea in mind for quite some time now for just this

It would be nice to have a buildd where maintainer can upload sources
for a testbuild and they get a buildd log back (and possibly the

How should this work?

The simplest way I've thought of so far is to have a special incoming
queue per arch (that can spare a buildd or idle buildd could be
reused). The uploaded source is then picked up by a wanna-build and
the appropriate buildd picks it up, builds it and sends the buildd log
to the maintainer.

For this someone would have to setup a small repository to temporarily
host the sources, setup a wanna-build for it, patch buildd to send the
buildd log to the maintainer instead of buildd.d.o and to remove the
build debs (or they would just lay there forever). And last but not
least, find buildd systems and admins willing to help.


PS: now that experimental has autobuilding one can upload a source
there with "Architecture: powerpc" to test just that arch. Roughly the
same effect.

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