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Re: intend-to-implement: script to obtain Debian Source

> > unpack: some packages unpack the upstream tarball, some do patching
> > patch: some patch the source tree, some generate patch out of it.
> 2. A policy on what target to have for optional unpacking and patching,
>   and apply a recommendation that is enforced on etch/etch+1
>   That should probably not be unpack/patch since they break existing 
>   makefiles, and as #250202 suggests, unpacked and patched seem to be 
>   good candidates.
>   I'm going to check the output of 
>   make -f debian/rules -n -p |  grep '^[^ ]\+:' | grep -v '^#' 
>   to make sure what targets don't exist.

I've found out that the status is :

patched -- unused
unpacked -- used
unpack -- used 
patch --used

I've used the following script to find out what kind of targets
we have in Debian:


# a script to check debian/rules make targets for all distribution.
cd /mnt/120g-1/dancer/debian-source/sources
ls -1 | while read A; do 
	echo $A;
	    ulimit -u 200
	    ulimit -t 20
	    cd $A/$A-*/ && make -f debian/rules -n -p | grep '^[^ ]\+:' | grep -v '^#' 
	) > rules/$A  < /dev/null


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