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Re: Introducing Ichthux as a possibly new CDD

On Tue, 12 Apr 2005, [ISO-8859-1] Raphaël Pinson wrote:

The situation has changed a bit since then though, since crosswire is
willing to host the project. One of the questions we then come to is whether
we should keep the project on Crosswire, get it to Debian, or keep both.
I can not decide for you but if I were you I would vote against the "both"
option.  It means doubling of work and you will face that one of them will
be lagging behind soon.

That would obviously be great if that's the way we choose (and I believe
this is the best way we have if we do not want to waste energy only to bring
the project back to a CDD in a few years).
This would be my advise.
Perhaps it makes sense to switch this discussion to debian-custom mailing
list because it is apropriate there.  In any case (independently from your
final decision) it might make sense to read this list.

Disclaimer: I only can be of any help in technical facts because as an
I'm completely incompetent regarding the problems of this project.
Your help is very much appreciated, as your open mind to such a project :)

Kind regards



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