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Re: Introducing Ichthux as a possibly new CDD

On Tue, 12 Apr 2005, [ISO-8859-1] Raphaël Pinson wrote:

We are now thinking of making Ichthux a CDD, and include it as such in
the Debian project.
According to your forewarded letter this would make sense.

Any comments and ideas are welcome :)
If I were you I would start with reading


Just tell me if something is missing in this doc.

The immediate conclusions are obvious :
- all these projects are based on Debian
- all these projects plan to include Christians apps (including
obviously the sword project and GUI such as BibleTime and/or
- all these projects have too few developers and lack means of hosting
their work
Very typical situation for starting a CDD.

It seems everyone agrees that merging the projects would make it a
stronger one without modifying the goals of each one.
This is important.

Everyone agrees that the
distribution should contain also non-Christian apps for a general use
It would be interesting to just pray for an 'echo' because you refuse to
install coreutils which does not contain Christian apps (like /bin/echo). ;-)

(although they might be ``christian-tuned'').
So you might patch echo to: "Good sais: ..." :)

Once this is set, there is a need for :
1) a website to manage the project
See the URL above.
2) a staff with tasks for everyone
3) a place to host the products (ISOs and packages)
www.debian.org ?
... at least in case you decide for a CDD.

Kind regards


Disclaimer: I only can be of any help in technical facts because as an atheist
I'm completely incompetent regarding the problems of this project.


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