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Re: lintian & linda

On Mon, 11 Apr 2005, Ron Johnson wrote:

Then why was aptitude written?  Why not send patches against apt-get
and dselect?
I just use apt-get so I'm not completely competent to answer this question.
But IMHO aptitude was written to *replace* dselect.  If we agree that a
certain application can not be enhanced a rewrite makes perfectly sense.
My arguing was against: I do not understand this programming language and
thus I rewrite this application in my favourite language.

ISTM that the good reason for writing-from-scratch duplicate
functionality is if you have a Better Idea (better data structures,
better interfaces, extra functionality, etc, etc) that are so
fundamental that You Can't Get There From Here by patching existing
Definitely.  But this is the first time I read this argument in this thread.

From a users point of view up to this day I have not found any important
difference between lintian and linda (from time to time one finds more
problems than the other, but there is no tendency which one finds more).
From a users point of view I found LOTS of differences between dselect
and aptitude (even at first glance).

Kind regards



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