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Re: lintian & linda

In article <20050410202900.GA19943@darkmoon.home> you wrote:
> Sure, but only if two projects have at least some differences; in 'The
> Cathedral and the Bazaar' popclient becomes fetchmail.

There are a lot differences between linda and lintian, especially the
programming language. Which is if course a big point if you consider
programmers can only help in one but not the other.

> Whenever someone submits an ITP for the software A, whose functionality 
> is already provided in Debian by B, the standard question is "Why is A 
> better than B? From your long description it is not clear which are the 
> aspect that make them different."

This standard question is annoying and unneeded. There is no point in
deciding for one or the other package. And this is a quite new trend that
debian community start to think they have the right to pick. 


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